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Tue Dec 3 14:24:51 EST 2002

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You can also get about 20 different connectors (male
and female ends) at your local pick and pull (if
you've got one) for about $10.  They don't even need
to be Audi specific as many manufactures used Bosch
components and similar connectors.  They come in handy
for just such a reason, as well as making up those
cool test connectors they always show in the Bentley.
I made about 4 differnet ones.  All shrink wrapped, so
they look just like the ones in the manual.  I try to
take them from protected, low heat areas.  They seem
almost like new, if you find the right ones.

> I also found a local supplier for those connector
> ends, marketed as an efi injector connector.  They
> carry two types with indexing features, the one of
> which with the feature in the center seemed like it
> would fit many of the places underhood.  They are
> just under $10 and available at
>, who have walk-in
> stores in my area.

Do you have the "right" oil filter installed?  Using a
generic Merican oil filter will have them rattling
like crazy.  The real ones have an "anti-drain back
valve".  Well one that works anyway.  The only
American made oil filters I had any luck with (very
good actually) were the old AC ones.  Painted blue
with a thick steel case and a good anti-drainback
valve.  Of course, they worked so well and were so
inexpensive, they had to change them.  Oh well.  I now
favor the cheapo Mann 715? universal filter.

Jim Accordino

> ruled out the vacuum pump as the tapping, and it
> sounds to me more like a lifter or two than the
> exhaust manifold.  If it still ticks afer that, then
> I will work toward putting the EM from the 4ksq in
> it, after I pull that motor to put in an MC-1.

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