finally fixed my hard start problems

Nate Beck Nate.Beck at
Tue Dec 3 14:49:46 EST 2002

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I finally fixed my hard start problems on Sunday.  I was plagued with them
ever since I changed my air filter about 2 months ago.  I tried to fix the
fuel regulator pressure but it didn't work, I tried to check the frequency
on the ISV no worky either.  So after about 2 weeks I took it somewhere, and
they looked at it 80 dollars later It runs better and starts better, but
when the cold came, it got worse.

I was at the local u-pull-it yard on Sunday getting parts for my hybrid
NF/7A turbo swap, and I noticed that they had a coupe there.  So I went over
to check out the plumbing.  I know that I asked the shop about the
possiblility of the hose coming off the canister in the fender and they said
that they fixed it, but it was still very loose.  I pulled the wheel well
liner out and looked it over. And I saw what it should look like.

When home and jacked up the coupe and took the wheel well liner out.  Hmm..
not looking quite right.  So I re-connected all the hoses and now my car
starts right up, and it has the get up and go that it did before I changed
the air filter.  Now I just have to tune it back the way it should be.


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