aftermarket suspension

Zsolt zsolt1 at
Tue Dec 3 16:24:25 EST 2002

Hey Chris,

I just went/going through upgrading my springs and shocks. For the
springs I got H&Rs and in the front they dropped the car about 1". My
struts are Koni Sports (yellow) and they are in the softest setting on
the front (for now).

For me the bad news was that Koni recalled the rear shocks and it has
been 3 months and the replacements are still not here. Luckily I got the
news before they were installed, so the car looks like a 70s hot rod
with it's a$$ in the air.

Anyway, I am sure Konis are great shocks, but be aware about this
recall. Also, given that they could not provide an explanation, or even
an ETA, I would say the customer service is terrible.


Christian O'Leary wrote:
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> Hey guys.  I'm looking to upgrade he suspension on my 5ktq... any recommendations?  Probably just got with shocks/springs at first, with bars to follow.  Starting off with springs first, what should I be looking for?  Looking for some firmer springs, maybe an inch and a half drop at most.  Anyone know of some used stuff?  Thanks.
> Chris

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