headers: Jim's vs. Javad's

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Tue Dec 3 18:59:41 EST 2002

When building a header for the 10v application, space is a major consideration.  Because of this, when designing my header, I wanted to ensure that the header not only fit, but that all fasteners would be accesible to ensure that the intake maifold and header nuts could be tightened, if at all.  When designing and sizing up the header I was very careful to ensure that proper clearance for tools was present.  Granted, Jim hasn't gotten to this step yet, and even with my "thoughtful consideration", the header is a major pain to install (read making custom tools and wrenches as you go), so I'll be interested to hear how it goes.  In any event, installing the header is probably best done with the engine out of the car, its not an impossible job in the car, but takes a few hours and some patience.

Also, I knew that I wouldn't be able to make an equal length header (well, not withing the sanity and time I had dedicated to the project), but I did want the runners to be straight with the minumum # of bends, and I did want the runners to be as close in lenght as possible (I think I was very sucessful in this respect).  Also, I wanted a low volume collector, and despite Mike Gough's suspection, it is a very low volume collector, lower in fact than the comprable prototype radial collector I made (similar to Jim's, I made about 3 different collectors before finalizing the design).

Bottom line, anything will flow better than the stock unit, and spiltting hairs out in alpha .01 land is a waste of time (major diminishing returns).  I can't imagine there would be too much performance difference between Jim's design and mine, aside from the shape.

What is neat is to see different people tackle the same problem, and come up with great, creative solutions.  Jim and I talked quite a bit through the whole process, I told him what I knew and had learned (about materials and techniques), its good to see he's been sucessful in getting a final design.


>> After looking at pictures of both headers, I noticed
>> a significant difference between the two of them.
>> Javad's collector comes together in a linear way
>> along a single plane, while Jim's comes together in
>> circular manner.  What are the benefits of each
>> design, do they favor different things?  Javad...
>> Corky?
>I think it all comes down to how many hairs you want
>your welder to loose in the process.  A conical header
>is best for equal length headers, I was shooting for
>this, then reality sunk in.  I did it just because I
>wanted to mostly, I'd be intereseted to see the dyno
>differences between the two, but that will most likely
>never happen since it would have to be on the same
>car.  I doubt there will be much difference,
>especially on the high end of things.
>Jim Green
>'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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