tapping lifters/oil filters [was: thanks 4 connector info]

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Tue Dec 3 19:14:54 EST 2002


Good call, man.  I had thought of this, but then I let myself forget a couple times.

Perhaps subconsciously I'm just trying to motivate myself into putting that cam in.  I need a little motivation since I've done the same job on my past Coupe GT with a Schrick instead of a Blausport, and had to redo the darn thing like three times before I got it right (cam timing too much this way, then the other way, then find the cam key on the ground, etc.)

Right now I've got an orange filter on the car, which I know better and don't like.  I think it was from my first oil change after buying the car, and I used up all my oem filters I had in stock.  I'll change the oil and put a real filter on there and see if it helps.  Granted, I'll have the cam out anyway to swap in the 272, so I may still put in some known newer lifters that I have somewhere.

I wonder why it's the lack of an anti-drainback feature that causes the problem.  I wonder if it is perhaps more due to a weak bypass valve in the filter.  Seems like the drainback would be like a check valve that would still allow flow in the same direction as the pump is pumping, and lack of it would still allow oil to pump in the same direction.  However, my thought is that a weak bypass valve would allow... eh, I don't know.  Who cares as long as the right filter works, right?

I'll post whatever it turns out to be, not that we need any more reason to stay away from non-oem and orange filters.



james accordino <ssgacc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Do you have the "right" oil filter installed?  Using a
> generic Merican oil filter will have them rattling
> like crazy.  The real ones have an "anti-drain back
> valve".  Well one that works anyway.  The only
> American made oil filters I had any luck with (very
> good actually) were the old AC ones.  Painted blue
> with a thick steel case and a good anti-drainback
> valve.  Of course, they worked so well and were so
> inexpensive, they had to change them.  Oh well.  I now
> favor the cheapo Mann 715? universal filter.
> Jim Accordino
> --- auditude at cox.net wrote:
> > ruled out the vacuum pump as the tapping, and it
> > sounds to me more like a lifter or two than the
> > exhaust manifold.  If it still ticks afer that, then
> > I will work toward putting the EM from the 4ksq in
> > it, after I pull that motor to put in an MC-1.

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