Parts wanted '85 4ksq (Tyson's car is alive!)

Tigran Varosyan tigran at
Tue Dec 3 18:01:03 EST 2002

ITS ALIVE!!!! Man! I cannot believe it, but its finally alive!!! The problem
was the Diaphragm pressure regulator (aka mechanical pressure regulator). A
full write-up on problem, symptoms and resolution is coming. The mixture
ratio gave me a lot of headaches today but I finally got that figured out. I
cannot believe its finally working!!

Ok now for the parts I need. Again, the car is a 1985 Audi 4000S Quattro.
Please tell me where I can get parts or if you have them, please let me know
what you want for them. The local chop shop here is insane and I do not want
to go there again (unless it is to set the place on fire).

Fuel pump relay. This is the relay in the fuse box under the hood. Relay
#10. Everywhere I checked, people want like $40-50 for them. Someone
yesterday said they can be had for under $20.

Rubber "trunking". This is the big rubber air intake hose that goes from the
Fuel Distributor to the Throttle Body. Mine tore, I got it duck-taped and am
happy with it. If someone wants to sell me one cheap, that would be good

Coolant Reservoir. Plastic tub right by the driver front strut tower. Mine
cracked a long time ago. I have tried to fix it like 10 times using
different methods and it didn't help. I have to keep adding coolant... The
little sensor that goes on the bottom would be an added bonus :)

Again, thanks to all for helping me figure this out. If you got the above
parts please let me know what you want for them. If you know where I could
buy the above parts for a decent price please let me know too.


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