I give up, 5ktq for sale.

Tom ... antiriced at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 18:29:58 EST 2002

With far too many projects on my hands and not enough
time for them, I've decided to give up the seemingly
futile task of keeping the 5ktq running happily.
Between a turbocharged & stand alone EFI powered
Miata, +2mm/headwork/carb modded Ducati, Boxster,
"project house", work (looking like 3+ mos travel next
year), and a sprint kart I haven't had a chance to run
yet - the Audi just isn't getting the attention it

I picked up a clean '97 Civic for those days when the
Miata just isn't practical daily transportation -
don't laugh, its my all purpose beater and we had ~4"
snow yesterday (Michelin snows are the key here).
While a quick 5k quattro seemed like a good idea at
the time, reality set in when I realized how much
upkeep these things require. The Civic should be the
exact opposite - never thought I'd say it but
appliance cars have their place after all.

So with that in mind, anyone looking for a mostly
complete '87 5ktq project car? Lots of new bits over
the last couple years including clutch(OEM),
springs(H&R), shocks(Boge), fuel tank, fuel pump, oil
cooler & hoses, steering rack, pentosin hoses, etc.
Pearl w/ Black leather. Interior in excellent shape,
sunroof works, has VDO 3 gauge panel in place of
center switches inc boost / volt / oil pressure, 186k
mi, lots of spare bits. Known issues: rear windows
don't work (switches need cleaning), radio not so
good, random short in dash lights - pops fuse
resulting in no instrumentation, fuel pump primes but
doesn't run during crank, A/C compressor gone (rest of
HVAC works fine). I have neither the time nor
motivation to fix these issues although I could get it
running if someone was serious about giving it a new
home. Want $1750 for all of it (inc. most of a spare
MC1 bottom end, head, K26, misc). Have receipts
totalling *way* too much.

Car is near Dearborn, Michigan. Offlist if you're
interested -> tom at antiriced.com


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