Unidentified engine bucking.... 4kq

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 4 01:59:31 EST 2002

> Ok, I leave work for lunch today, go for the usual "I can get my car in there" left turn into traffic and I am greeted with a nasty thump and consequent bucking of the motor at anything above 1/8 throttle. I can get to 35 or 40 but havent gone any faster. I figured it was a motor mount on the right side, lucky me, there is one sitting on the bench still in OEM packaging. I put it in and go for a test drive. The bucking is still there.

It sounds less like a mount to me than something interfering with the
engine running right.

Can you gently rev it up to several 1000 rpms sitting still?

example - shorted idle switch.  won't let car rev over 1400 or so.  You
can drive, but it's miserable, hit a brick wall low in every gear,
engine turns on/off/on/off amidst some unconfortable lurching.

Also, in terms of mounts, etc - bad ones should be observable at rest
with the engine off - grab the intake manifold, give it a heave-ho, see
what happens.

let us know how it goes...

Huw Powell



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