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Something a little similar>
When we were kids our ski trip through the slush stopped dead in its tracks.
The 1972 Dodge 360 CID wagon was no match for the loss of power above idle.
Well after a tow to a shop, extensive (2 hour) examination revealed that the
exhaust pipe near the cat was like two pipes.
The inner pipe constricted from the slush being thrown onto the outer pipe
The kicker was........... from the outside you couldn't see it or tell.
Cut out bad pipe and replace with new and we were on our way.
HTH - Scott in BOSTON

piece of sheet metal came disconnected in the muffler and plugged the
exhaust.  The severity of the blockage will determine the rpm range you get.
In my case the car would run fine for a while then the piece would flap up
and block it and it would not rev much more than idle. Shutting the car off
would let the flap down and it would run fine again.
Now can you answer my what happened? previously posted.

 Dave G

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