Snow Driving Q

Suffolk GameServer LAN at
Wed Dec 4 02:37:33 EST 2002

My advise:

Buy snow tires.
NEW snow tires.

Audi's understeer.
Turn wheel and they'll push/plow/not make the turn the way you want.
Enter throttle steering:  An advanced technique.
I've watched a few students & instructors try to rotate a car on an ice skid
pad with little success.

So, use the NEW snows to stay on the road.
Generally, the grip and lack of horse power make the Q stable in the

If you want to experiment the handing envelope find a LARGE parking lot.
Start now before you buy your NEW snow tires.
Then tell us about the "After" with NEW snow tires.
-Scott in BOSTON
Extra Hint: be careful of tire ruts.

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