Battery maintainer

Richard Beels dare2dream at
Wed Dec 4 02:58:28 EST 2002

You're confusing "charging" with "maintaining.  You charge a dead battery,
you maintain a (mostly/partially) charged one.  Keeping a full battery on
the charger will boil it dry in no time flat; that can lead to BOOMS! in
your garage.  More current isn't necessarily better.

At 12/04/2002 at 00:32, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Tigran Varosyan's
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>Yea I was going to add, on a small battery like a motorcycle or a tractor
>I'm sure they work great. I am also sure that the stuff the Army is using is
>nothing like what we buy at schucks, money is not an issue there. I measured
>.7 amp @ 14.5v coming out of my $30 unit at full sunlight. I don't know, I
>just expected a bit more like 1.5 amp or more... For $30 I would rather get
>a plug-in maintainer that can charge the battery overnight...
>Just me.
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>The $10 Harbor Freight unit has worked fine for years on my lawn tractor
>battery (small 12v).
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> >
> >Does anyone have any recommendations for a battery maintainer?  My sister
> >is in Grad school and I rarely drive the car to charge the battery back
> >up.  Since it's getting cold up here in the NorthEast, I would like to get
> >a battery maintainer so that I can start it when it's time to drive it.


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