2400 miles in a week, just two minor problems

Richard Beels dare2dream at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 4 03:09:24 EST 2002

Cruising the u-pull-it this weekend, there was a thrashed on on 5k where
the grommet was replaced by some teflon tape tightly wrapped around the top
of the bracket's "U".  And a power steering line was replaced by braided
water hose.  And many more abominations....  :-)

You can make a replacement grommet yourself with a suitably sized metal
washer and some hi-temp epoxy.

At 12/04/2002 at 01:11, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Wallace White's
keyboard and said:

>(1) Cruise control grommet failed, aka "so is this unintended
>For those who aren't familiar, the cruise control's actuator rod is held
>in place with a grommet; if it dies, the rod remains attached to the
>throttle while its other end may get lodged somewhere, locking the
>throttle in who knows what position.


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