Snow Driving Q

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Wed Dec 4 03:41:44 EST 2002

I must say my first experience in a quattro in the snow was last year. It snowed out about 6" (big deal in western washington) and I took off down my road. Its a nice wide and straight road with a 35 mph speedlimit. As usuall when I go in the snow I first pressed on the gas a little to see how the car would react. YEEHAA lots of traction, then I did step two of the "snow test" which was hitting the brakes.... lets just say the car contiued on at 35mph, quattro didnt help me verymuch there. needless to say it scared me so I was careful about braking distances after that. As for the cornering aspect there is an industrial park with soft curbs (the ones that you can drive up on with no ill effects) Plenty of right angle turns and no one around. Here I learned a little about getting the car sideways in the corners and bringing it back. I experimented with diffs locked and unlocked, did some donuts :) Most of the stuff I did in the complex I would never do on a normal road with other people around, it would be dangerous. I think if you are driving in the snow with other cars on the road and you are driving hard enough to have the car push around that is a little out of control. Just my $.02

 anyways I am goin to stop rambling on and on now :) later all

85 4kq
90 V8q

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