Snow Driving Q

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Wed Dec 4 08:06:26 EST 2002

>From: KMracer007 at
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>Subject: Re: Snow Driving Q
>Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 03:41:44 -0500
>... then I did step two of the "snow test" which was hitting the brakes....
>lets just say the car contiued on at 35mph, quattro didnt help me verymuch

   That's interesting.  I think you should try this test again, with the car
in gear, foot off clutch, diffs locked and diffs unlocked.  My cars are a
lot harder to lock up with the diffs locked; I can use more brake and get
shorter stopping distances because it's harder to lock up only one wheel.
Airlocking differentials are unbelievable.


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