VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?

R Mangas porter_dog at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 4 08:47:48 EST 2002

   That's a neat looking tool, I saw it for the first time the other day.
The tool I'm talking about is by Schley though, and is an 'Audi' version of
the bearing tool near the bottom of the tools page at
https://www.techtonicstuning.com/indexs.html ($205).

  Techtonics maintain that their tool will work on my 4kq's, and a local VW
place will rent it for $20 _if_ I buy the bearing from them.  They want $50
for a bearing though, it's only $25 from Performance Motor Cars or Zygmunt.

   If I rent the tool, the bearing replacement will cost $70.  If I buy it,
bearing replacement will be $250 but I get to keep the tool.  I _hate_
paying $50 for a bearing but I guess I can't see needing the tool enough
times to warrant owning it.

  Any input from those who've btdt?

  I did buy a press for this job, but now that I've got 3 bearings to do
(two on the front of the '87 and one on the '86) I'm thinking the special
on-car tool will be much easier...


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>Subject: Re: VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?
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>The tool which sells for 300.00 is the hub shark.  It includes a lot of
>tools .  As a matter of fact, 5 pieces for VW-Audi bearing removable,
>and three different for Honda and Asian imports, and three more for both
>GM and Ford.  The whole thing comes in two large plastic cases.
>You do not need all of the pieces, just the VW-Audi pieces.
>In this set, the VW-Audi pieces are the same.
>84 4Ks

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