AN fittings and metric fuel lines

Alan Kramer ackramer at
Wed Dec 4 09:41:20 EST 2002

Just converted my hard steel fuel lines to AN fittings in the engine bay by
using the following stainless steel parts from Swagelok:

SS-8M0-7-4  (8mm tube to 1/4 FNPT)  $9
SS-6AN-1-4  (1/4 MNPT to -6 AN) $11

Nice part is you don't need any special tools like a 37deg flaring tool...
just two open-end wrenches.  The fittings flare themselves to the pipe.
And they're good to pressures & temperatures way beyond what they'll ever
see in your car.

Any industrial plumbing supply store should be able to get these for you and
supply you with a CD of all their thousands of different fittings.

Good luck EFI and turbo converters!

Alan Kramer

'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 v8q

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