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No help on the wires...

As far as the plastic is concerned: Your best bet would be to try plastic
modelling cement.  Available at your local hobby shop, it's designed to glue
plastic together.  While you're there, buy some sheet styrene plastic.  Cut
pieces of the styrene plastic and use them to 'sheet' the back of your joints
for strength.

On the rare occasion where I've glued Audi plastics, I've found the testors
modelling cement to work well...look for the red/white tube.  I would use this
for the actual joint line. I would glue the sheet styrene to the back with
testors liquid cement...look for the square glass bottle.

A few notes:

1) The glue works by melting plastic together.  You CAN make it look good...but
any spills, extra glue, etc. will melt the plastic (and fog it too).  Use it
sparigly...a little goes a long way.  Test it with some scrap styrene
you can learn it's properties.

2) Works best at room temperature...but you NEED ventilation!!!

3) You'll need to clamp/hold the pieces together for about 15min...and then dry
over night.  Beware, however, that that the pieces will FEEL strong after
15min...but will still pull/fall apart if you're not careful.


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