VW Wheelbearing tool on 4kq?

EBavely veetesse at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 4 11:43:05 EST 2002

>>  I did buy a press for this job, but now that I've got 3 bearings to do
(two on the front of the '87 and one on the '86) I'm thinking the special
on-car tool will be much easier...


I can't speak about doing them on a quattro, but I used a friend of mine's
Schley tool on the front wheel bearings on a 91 Jetta.  The tool was very
easy to use, but I was thankful for his help when it came to "setting it up"
on the car.  I was a bit confused on how the thing worked with all the
different cups, washers and bolts in front of me.

Air tools also made the work 10 times easier.  You need some signifigant
force to push / pull the bearings from the housing.  The impact had no
problem, but using a ratchet / power handle might be awkward.

We did both sides of the Jetta,  plus did CV boots and it only took us a few
hours.  Assuming the suspension bolts come loose ok and you're able to get
access to the bearing without problems, I'm sure you could replace each
bearing in under an hour once you've got the idea.

The nice thing about using the tool is that you don't have to completely
remove the strut housing/steering knuckle from the car (one piece on the
4kq, two on the Jetta).  I believe you do have to split the pinch bolt at
the bottom of the knuckle / control arm (or remove the ball joint from the
control arm) so you can remove the axle...

The other problem we ran into was getting the inner race off of the hub once
it pulls it out (destroying the old bearing).  I believe we cut / chiseled
it off, but I think some kits include a puller for that as well.  It might
be wise to try and soak the area in some kind of lubricant (Kroil? Liquid
wrench?) to keep it from binding and then try to keep the hub straight when
removing it to avoid the situation.

I have some other notes from others on the exact steps using the tool on the
VW's if you'd like them.  I'm interested to see how it goes on the 4kq since
I'll most likely have to do the fronts on the CGT sooner or later... should
be similar.

Hope this helps...

Elliott Bavely

86 4ktq
83 CGT
81 Coupe ITB
88 80 Fwd
Other assorted VW's...

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