Sifting the Damage of my break in

steinbru at steinbru at
Wed Dec 4 12:10:06 EST 2002

Cade, No ideas on the connector.  I have used a couple of tricks for
gluing with crazy glue (can't spell the real stuff):  it hardens
instantly when sprinkled with baking soda, it fills better when mixed
with a small amount of powdered graphite (same as lock lube).  I bond
the pieces with the graphite mix and then build a small filet on the
back of the piece using the bicarb.  Experiment a little to get the
right mix of graphite for strength and take care when drawing the bead
of glue and sprinkling on the baking soda (it gets unbelievably hard).
Use the old original cg formula, skip the new "skin free" and "gel"
types.  --Gary

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