Huw done it. Wrecked strut

Chris Semple chris at
Wed Dec 4 12:54:58 EST 2002

> > Cool, did you catch a make on the bed? Wish my truck had
> that sometimes!

> Ah, Chris, I saw it, heard it, but did not remember it...
> didn't realize
> I was going to be quizzed!  all I do remember a figure something like
> $180,000 being bandied about...  and I have no info on the
> owner, since,
> as a triple A tow I didn't get any paperwork to hang on to.  Lemme
> think... B & R towing, perhaps.  Out of Dorchester MA

No worries, just curious, I'll have to get up to the towing expo in Maine
this year to see the latest toys.

> It was purchased in Plaistow NH, by the way, if that helps
> you track it down...
> Huw Powell

That'd be Ron Fennell at Chevron of NH, BTDT when I bought my Int'l 4700.
Wasn't a real helpful guy to us younger folk, didn't want to talk deals
unless I brought out the briefcase of cash. Maybe that comes with being the
only Chevron dealer in four states! That's why I bought in Florida, good

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'92 S4
   '95.5 S6a
        '87 4000q

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