Rear Window De-Fogger Not working 1990 200 TQ

David Conner conner at
Wed Dec 4 13:03:42 EST 2002

Blake wrote...
"Help, winter arrived here today(Oklahoma) and I went to use the rear
defogger and nothing happened. It worked last winter.I checked the
fuse, it is fine. I checked the connections on the window, no power.
How do I get the switch out of the dash to check it? Any other places
to check? Again, the patient is a 1990 200TQ. Any thoughts would be

Most likely the switch is flakey due to lack of use.  There are spring
clips on either side of the switch ... try to slip a flat blade (like a
putty knife) along either side and pry forward.  No harm will be done if
you pop off the moveable tab part of the switch.  Spray some contact
cleaner inside ... like Pro-Gold, and work the switch a few times.  It
wouldn't hurt to pull the switch out entirely and spray some on the contact
tabs where the plug connects to it.
Dave C.

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