thanks for Bosch sensor connector info

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Wed Dec 4 12:10:59 EST 2002

hmmm.... remind me to keep a close eye on you if I ever let you into my

Just kidding, of course


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> You mean you actually declare them?  I thought they were "pocket items"
> like fuses & relays?
> :-)
> At 12/03/2002 at 17:24, Shakespearean monkeys danced on james accordino's
> keyboard and said:
> >
> >You can also get about 20 different connectors (male
> >and female ends) at your local pick and pull (if
> >you've got one) for about $10.  They don't even need
> >to be Audi specific as many manufactures used Bosch
> >components and similar connectors.  They come in handy
> >for just such a reason, as well as making up those
> >cool test connectors they always show in the Bentley.
> >I made about 4 differnet ones.  All shrink wrapped, so
> >they look just like the ones in the manual.  I try to
> >take them from protected, low heat areas.  They seem
> >almost like new, if you find the right ones.
> Cheers!

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