5000CS TQ Hot Start Problems

Zsolt zsolt1 at telusplanet.net
Wed Dec 4 11:38:03 EST 2002

Hey Jeffrey,

I had the long cranking warm starting symptoms at least on 3 different
5k quattros. The reason every time was the valve in the tank that
prevents the fuel from flowing back. Sorry, don't know the official name
of the part.


Jeffrey Holliday wrote:
> Hello out there,
> My name is Jeffrey and I own an 1987 Audi 5000cs Turbo Quattro.
> This is my first attempt at this web site.
> I am having hot start problems.
> I have a Haynes Manual and the 2 volume shop Audi Shop manuals.
> They are full of information and I have learned much from them.
> The car is in real good shape because the one owner before me took good
> care
> of it.
> I bought it damaged from a used car lot and did the repairs to the body.
> The car sat for about 6 months and would not start then.
> I live in Aurora Co and decided to take the car to Werner Mastertek
> They got it to start and run for about $2500.00
> That was in Feb of this year.
> About three months ago the car did not start right away after I ran into a
> store. The car was on a steep hill and there was a low fuel tank.
> I got the car level and then it took a couple of minuets of cranking to get
> it to start.
> I have had trouble since then.
> I was hoping that someone out there had the same problem and solved it.
> After messing around I thought that now it might be the accumulator.
> The Haynes book says in the fault diagnosis that it might be:
> warm control pressure too high or too low
> sensor plate / control plunger faulty
> Fuel or vacuum leak
> leaky fuel injectors or low opening pressure
> Incorrect mixture adjustment
> I am real sure there are no fuel leaks and have look hard for the vacuum
> leak.
> The car runs great when it starts cold.
> I was staying away from that sensor plate I was warned it is touchy
> I pulled the spark plugs once and they were totally dry when I was hot
> starting the car
> The fuel pump works well
> I have spark
> The car starts right away when she sits over night or for about 6 hours and
> totally cold.
> Right now to get it to start hot I have to crank it about 20 or 30 secs
> or more.
> The starter will not take it much longer and the battery is going south.
> I did have it in "storage" for a month at Werners but they said they want
> 2000.00 just for starters.
> I am fairly mechanically minded and have the standard tools.
> Please let me know where I could continue.
> My current plan was to replace the thermo sensors that are on the cooling
> manifold.  then I was going to get a new regulator.
> Then perform more little tests.
> I am hoping that it will not be the electronic control unit.
> $1300.00 for a new one.
> Thank you for your time.
> Jeffrey
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