Let's talk about snow driving...

Sean Ford audi_99_a6q at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 10:55:21 EST 2002

--- Thompson Smith <carreragt at rennlist.com> wrote:
> Sean,
> "In like a lamb, out like a lion" John Buffum quote. Honestly, when your
> front does the "ohh my god" slide, just roll on the throttle, with your left
> foot lightly on the brake. Then, you will experience your Audi quattro the
> way it was supposed to be driven. After you get the hang of it, its best if
> you find a parking lot full of snow and practice till you pee in your pants
> laughing from blowing doughnuts.

Now, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I think that left foot braking will take a
LOT of practice. Winter Driving School sounds better and better all the time.

Sean Ford
1999 A6q tiptronic | 1992 100CS 5-spd

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