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Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Wed Dec 4 12:08:28 EST 2002

To lower and stiffen the car, I'd start with springs and shocks
first, to my understanding, for a 5KTQ there may only be two
choices if you go new, H+R's, which I have (bought through
shox.com) and one other German (I think) maker. Eibach's
are NLA. If you go for stiffer springs, I'd strongly suggest
going for either Bilsteins Sports (short shaft appropriate for
short springs, I have these - HD's are too long) or Koni, the Boge
Turbo Gas are not up to damping the stiffer springs, and I
even occasionally think the Bilsteins are underdamped. As
for anti-sway bars, Scott Justesson (sp?) may have suggestions,
which, if I recall goes with a HUGE front bar, no rear. You can
also consider delrin or urethane bushings, I know urethane bushings
on my Solo2 GTi front sway bar seemed to add as much stiffness
and response as the upsized bar did.



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> Subject: aftermarket suspension
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> Hey guys.  I'm looking to upgrade he suspension on my 5ktq... any
> recommend=
> ations?  Probably just got with shocks/springs at first, with bars
> to follo=
> w=2E  Starting off with springs first, what should I be looking for?
>  Looki=
> ng for some firmer springs, maybe an inch and a half drop at most.
> Anyone =
> know of some used stuff?  Thanks.
> Chris

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