Snow Driving: Comments for those with 'lockers'

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Wed Dec 4 15:21:50 EST 2002

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having driven both types of quattros (non torsen and torsen), I must
say that I do enjoy the torsen type of the 200q, despite not having
the ability to lock the rear diff at over 15 mph.
On my 5ktq, I could spin the tires in rain before the center diff
would control it, either that or the speed. I would go through front
tires pretty quickly, nearly the same as my 5kt 5speed. BTW- I run
1.8 bar. Also, the 5ktq would't track straight on hard, wet launches
or over wet painted roadway stripes. I'd have to lock the center,
losing abs. I have locked up all fours doing this, too. Was able to
kick the rear of the car out regularly :)
On my 200, I feel this system is superior. Very hard to kick the rear
out. More balanced tire wear. Car lauches straight, all the time.
Can't really spin a tire. Next, even without locking the rear diff,
its pretty tough to spin a tire. I enjoy how automatic the system is;
I retain the abs in bad conditions. On highways, panic manouvers, I
have more control under power, evidenced by my 85 mph swerve around a
wrecked police car on I 80 in Pennsylavnia this past Sunday. I like
that I can just relax and drive. IMO, this system feels like it's
doing more than the type that preceeded it. I like that hard 1.8 bar
launches don't produce wheelspin, just forward motion in a straight
line. On power turns are great because the car goes where it's
pointed at high boost levels. I managed the spin my 5ktq around oing
the same thing.
To avoid a war, this is based on my driving habits only. I like the
torsen equipped cars.
Next, it's a bad idea to use simultaneous braking and throttle on a
torsen vehicle because the power will be distributed to the axle with
the most braking.

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