Snow Driving: Comments for those with 'lockers'

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ABS does not shorten braking distance when compared to threshold braking.
It retains the ability for the operator to steer the vehicle.
If you are threshold braking and have the center locked the point is moot
from my perspective.
And USA-spec UrQ's don't even have ABS.  However I almost always turned it
off in my later Gen1 quattros.
Perhaps I should have qualified my statement to be targeted at people more
performance driving oriented.

Rob D.

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> Lock the center when: conditions are less than optimal.
> ...  In a lane change
> emergency proceedure the understeer is hardly noticable, but the braking
> immediately thereafter certainly is improved.  It's there.  Why not use

Are you assuming no ABS here, or assuming the driver is skilled enough to
out-brake his ABS?

Seems one or the other must hold true since locking a diff disables the

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