Snow Driving: Comments for those with 'lockers'

Dave Hord spokes at
Wed Dec 4 15:56:14 EST 2002

> Gen II Quattros:  I don't know what works best with the torsen/rear-locker
> setup.  I do know that Dave H. runs this setup in his Coupe and found that
> by changing the electronics to allow him to run rear locked at higher
> speeds was something that vastly improved his enjoyment of the Coupe while
> at Steamboat.

Close!  I _do_ have a 90 quattro (not coupe) modified to use an air-lock switch
for the rear diff.  I have yet to use it in a competition yet, but have used
the old method of "lock for stage X, unlock at end of stage" at other rallies
(required exiting the car at the time).  Locking the rear diff is pretty much
only advantageous for me during certain rally helps get the
rear end around WAY quicker at times...and seems to help the power delivery
while exiting a corner.  I must say, however, that I've NEVER locked it outside
a rally, except when I'm stuck. I just don't find it to be an advantage at
street speeds...even 10-20km/h faster then posted limit speeds.  It really
takes on a shine when you hit a 60km/h hairpin corner doing 100km/h at the

I do, however, definetly see the advantage to locking it during deep-snow/major
rut conditions in the roadway.  Until I get to test it myself, without ANY
traffic around...I won't suggest it as something to try.

Lastly, I'm afraid I've never done steamboat!  2004 maybe! (2003 is going to be
my test and tune year, where completely sort the Audi and focus more on
specific driving techniques I know I need to improve).

> Advanced Techniques:  Left Foot Braking is a must.  Diff lock management is
> a must.  Understanding you vehicle is a must.  Go to a winter school.
> Listen to what you instructors tell you.  Enjoy the weekend.  Try
> variations and see what happens.  You'll be an immensely more confident
> driver as a result

This hasn't been said enough. Honestly, we could all say it every email "go to
a winter school"...somedays I wish we weren't 2000+ crazies all around the
world...just think of it "audifans on ice".  Might even keep the 1500+ "mrs"


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