Let's talk about quattro driving in the snow

tihol_tiholov at sd27.bc.ca tihol_tiholov at sd27.bc.ca
Wed Dec 4 14:31:03 EST 2002

What Brett tells you is the cautious, grandmotherly approach to driving.
(He should stick to picking cones ;o)))
Now seriously - he is right about getting off the gas if you're going to
hit stuff.  Everyone else is right if want exhilaration.  With nose heavy
and front drive vehicles adding streering (into the corner) and throttle
works to get you out of understeer.  This is actually an official opinion
accepted by reasonable folks.  Early steering (setting up the car) and a
little left foot breaking helps, too on a free from traffic road.  This
transfers weight to the front and adds traction as well, the same as
letting the throttle off.  Gotta practice in the woods WITHOUT the wife,
she doesn't even need to know.


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