Hot start - Bypass Switch

Jeffrey Holliday jeffrey_audi at
Wed Dec 4 15:34:01 EST 2002

Well I did the shorting out of the cold start injector...
The power starts when it is cranking come to find out.
I ran a temperary jumper from the Blue/Whitestripe wire and touched it to
ground when I was cranking.
It sputered a little but it did start after a couple of seconds.
So Do I do the switch or do I replace the injector.
The check valve might be bad too.
I checked the fuel pressure by cracking the fuel filter this morning cold
and there was no presure.
Of course it started right up.
I drove it 15 mins and shut it of for an hour for an apt
when I came out it cranked about 10 secs then protested..

I have some cash outlayed for this and was wondering what I should buy...

I read somewhere here that CS stands for CASH SUCKER
it might be true

Thanks to all for the Info

And is there going to be a posting service for pictures of eveyones car?


>From: "Mark Woodland" <markwoodland at>
>To: jeffrey_audi at
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>Subject: Hot start
>Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 13:51:30 -0500
>I'm just getting a handle on this with my '87.
>Still not 100% diagnosed, but the workaround (for now) is to mount an
>under-dash switch ($3-$5)that will allow the cold start injector to be
>grounded at will. This will not only prime the car when hot, but will purge
>the air (vapor lock) from the fuel system. My best guess-to-date is that
>the cold start injector is leaking slightly after shutdown, just enough to
>allow a compressable column of air to keep the rest of the injectors from
>breaking over the pressure threshold to start spraying. Its cheap enough to
>I'm guessing the Cold Start injector is leaking because I've already
>replaced all of the other injectors.
>The blue/black stripe wire on my '87 TQ is the +12 that comes on when
>cranking/running, and the plain blue wire is the ground that only "grounds"
>when the temp switch sees the head at or around 80 degrees F. If you
>control the ground, you've got it knocked. Just turn it on long enough to
>prime/purge/start, then turn it off, or the car will run waay too rich.
>(Might be helpfull under full boost 8^P  )
>(Unless, of course, you have a vacuum leak, or any one of a handfull of
>maladies that the TQs are heir to.)
>If I had figured this out earlier, it would have saved me numerous no-start
>horrors, calls to AAA, hitch-hikes in stupid-cold weather, and plaintive
>wails from the family...
>Funny you should mention.. I was just getting ready to go outside and
>install the under-dash switch on mine now. I've already tested the concept,
>and was just going out to make it "offical" before the snow flies here in
>frigid PA.
>Give it a shot and let me know how you make out.
>Best of luck!

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