Sifting the Damage of my break in

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Dec 4 18:33:24 EST 2002

>   Well I have started working on my 87 4kq, after the break in over
> thanksgiving.
> I several questions:
>   1)  As I started to take the center counsel apart trying to not break
> anything else, I noticed that the thieves left me a nice white connecter
> - clipped from its wires.  The connector is white, 4wires, has 4 prongs
> on the opposite side of were the wires enter.  The prongs are elongated,
> short then tall then short, and tall again.

Sounds like a plug for speakers, either the front pair or rear.  The
wires are probably green and green with stripes?

>   2)  What type of glue is good for the tunnel trim pieces.  I think
> that they have broken the parts in big enough pieces that I can
> temporary glue it back together, till spring, and I can go scavenging
> again.  I know, not the best thing to do to a low mileage Audi, but I
> have a new baby on they way, and you know wives.....Need I say more?  I
> was thinking of SuperGlue, or something to that end, and ideas?

I think you might have better results with an epoxy.  I'm also glad you
are considering this to be temporary, as you should be able to find
replacements at the scrappers sooner or later.

Since it is so temporary (and not knowing the nature of your breakage),
you might want to support the glued joints with little mending straps
bolted to each side of the seam.  That might even be enough to get you
through the winter without any messy experiments with adhesives.

Huw Powell

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