Audi 4000 S Quattro fuel system problem write-up.

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Dec 4 18:43:27 EST 2002

> Let me try to explain a little more what happened. I don't know everything
> about the inner workings of the differential pressures so someone can jump
> in here.
> What was happening is that the (NOT the DPR) MECHANICAL fuel pressure
> regulator (Diaphragm Pressure regulator in the Bentley) was not letting
> enough fuel leave the system.

I believe the device in question is nicely visible in the lower right of
this picture:

It's the part (one of them!) that makes it really hard to raise the air
box top to change the air filter.

In this photo it is yellow.  This is not typical.

Of other amusing value, I suppose, is that this photo shows every single
component unique to CIS-E as used on the 5 cylinder Audis.

Huw Powell

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