Head report

David Templeton davidt at opentext.com
Wed Dec 4 18:44:10 EST 2002

Hi all,

Well, I got the report on the head from the machine shop today, and it seems
the donor head had been done over some point in the recent operational past.
It is not too bad after all:

- 3 valves, $7cdn each
- 5 exaust valve seals, $3cdn each
- hot dip of the head, unknown
- 12 head bolts, $3cdn each

Total so far $72cdn in new parts.

The funny part was I considered getting a garage to install the "new" head
when it went in for certification. I was quoted 6-8 hours @ $60cdn/hour. I
guess I will be installing myself after all :-)

More to come, just had to keep everyone in the loop.

David A. Templeton
'85 5Ks (wagon/Avant)

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