Snow Driving Q

lrickert at lrickert at
Wed Dec 4 16:01:35 EST 2002

Although my experience is by no means proof, I have found that my 4kq is much
more controllable and considerably faster around a wet sloppy rallycross course
with the diffs unlocked than locked. Tight turns, even when it is supper slick
are a sideways crawl with the center diff locked. Sure mud chunks on the roof
are cool, but they don’t help me go any faster. It might be better to set it up
to lock the rear without the center, then you could theoretically turn and
handbrake turn with increased rear traction. While handbrake turns may be
questionable on the road they make a great deal of sense on a rallycross course.
The sort of conditions and turn radii I am talking about are never found on
roads, so perhaps this is not relevant. On snowy highways or starting out on ice
the locks do help, but they do exacerbate the already terrible understeering
tendencies of this car when you have to make sharp turns. It would nice to have
mild front and rear LSD’s.

I wish we would get some snow out here in the NW, it sure is fun to play in but
even the mountains are still bare :(


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