blizzak mishaps

RYAN ALAN HOITINK rahoitink at
Wed Dec 4 18:14:16 EST 2002

OK, so I find myself in a predicament.  Last year we
had but one good snowfall here in Madison WI.
Therefore, my matching set of 195/65/15 mz-02
blizzaks on my '87 5ktq was no longer matching by
springtime.  My front tires were completely wasted,
while the rears are still serviceable.  My father was
nice enough to pick up a pair of blizzaks for me to
replace the worn-out ones.  The ones he got,
however, are 205/65/15 ws-15 blizzaks.  I don't
think he fully understands the principles of all
wheel drive with regard to matching tire size,
etc... but I couldn't refuse his generosity.  So,
I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with a
pair of used blizzaks in either size that could help
me out.  Style doesn't matter that much to me, as
long as they're the same size.  I just need to get
my summer tires off the car before the next
snowfall, or I'll be in trouble.



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