Hot start

Wayne Dohnal dohnal at
Wed Dec 4 17:20:55 EST 2002

>I'm just getting a handle on this with my '87.
>Still not 100% diagnosed, but the workaround (for now) is to mount an
>under-dash switch ($3-$5)that will allow the cold start injector to be
>grounded at will.

My '84 had a hot-start problem.  I installed the same switch you're
describing, allowing it to start almost every time.  Fast-forward a couple
of years when the ignition switch needed replacement because of the
headlights cutting out.  The big surprize is that the new ignition switch
completely fixed the hot-start problem. Haven't used the workaround switch

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4
1984 4000 in the family

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