Parts wanted '85 4ksq (Tyson's car is alive!)

Ti Kan ti at
Wed Dec 4 18:11:12 EST 2002

Tigran Varosyan writes:
> Please tell me where I can get parts or if you have them, please let me know
> what you want for them. The local chop shop here is insane and I do not want
> to go there again (unless it is to set the place on fire).

Check out and ask for Rod.  You can
send email or call for quotes.  They have very reasonable prices and
great service for new OEM quality parts.  Also, for new and used parts,
check with Chris at Force5

Some items are going to be available only from an Audi dealer.  Depending
on where you live, Carlsen on the west coast and Clair on the east coast
offer discounts to list members.  Check the
vendors list for contact info.

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