zig when I should zag?

Bennie Walker benniewalker69 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 19:01:57 EST 2002

On the line of braking - not that I would even CONSIDER driving my car in this weather, I have a
off the subject question.

Trying to keep from overloading the discussion with a million plus one questions I am only asking
if anyone has experienced the following scenario:

1990 90 non-Q 5cyl 2.3L 4 wheel disc abs.  I have noticed the braking of this car is slightly
under par with cars of similar size.  That aside - who needs good brakes anyway - right?  When I
put my car in reverse in any and all conditions I activate the ABS system.  This happens usually
when hopping in and backing out of my park space.  Is this a nuance to this vehicle or something I
should be worried about.  My rotors all have glazing on them from improper break-in which I will
be repairing soon anyway - anything else I could do while in that area to improve braking / stop
the ABS 'errors' during reverse gear?

I am a newbie to the list and find some of the acronyms confusing.  Please bear with me while I
get the lingo down.


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