ABS comes on when reversing

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Dec 5 00:47:56 EST 2002

At 7:01 PM -0800 12/4/02, Bennie Walker wrote:

>When I put my car in reverse in any and all conditions I activate
>the ABS system.  This happens usually
>when hopping in and backing out of my park space.

It's the ABS unit's self test.  All of them do it- many people never
notice it.  The ABS unit is just making sure it can actuate the
control head.

It is most noticeable when, say, backing up in the dark at night; the
lights dim for a split second.  Other times, people happen to go for
the brake pedal right as the unit is doing the self-test and get a
slight surprise(no brakes for a split second.)

Should only be one very brief blip.  Anything more is not normal.
Happens with both forward and backward motion- the ABS unit is
looking only for a certain distance.

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