long cold night...

luke maytagasm at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 5 02:11:08 EST 2002

went blowing down some gravel roads in the 90tq today... icey gravel roads
in summer tires with quattro is one of the most fun things ive done in a
long time :) unfortunately within about 15 mins of it the alternator started
to die... it almost seems like bad grounds as it would work intermittently.
so we (myself and a friend) start drivng back into town as the headlights
(almost completey out) just didnt cut it in the dark winding road situation,
and lo and behold the check oil light comes on... fun fun fun... decide to
drive for about 30 secs up to a payphone to check the oil becuase walking in
the dark along a highway, in the pitch black mid december, in canada, isnt
fun. luckily my companion knew someone who lived a short distance away who,
luckily, had some oil at his house. checked the leak, which happened to be a
steady stream flowing from the oil cooler lines. we put about 4l in and was
down to about 2 by them time we got home.  i think i can get an alternator
for $34.99 canadian(plus shipping) and have it installed for $50.
i was thinking of beefing it up but am unsure after reading something i
found on a welding site.
its a device to turn a kawaski mule into a mobile welder :)


"Why is the Bosch 90 amp more reliable than other welders that utilize
"high-output" 160-200+ amp alternators?
The Bosch 90 amp is engineered not only to produce 90 amps but also to cool
efficiently and properly while producing 90 amps. If the amount of windings
within the alternator are increased in order to generate 160+ amps, then the
size of the alternator must also increase to allow for proper cooling.
Without a substantial increase in the physical size of the alternator, such
a "beefed up" alternator is subject to chronic cooling difficulties,
especially when a welding machine taps it for maximum amperage.
Consequently, these "high-output" alternators can be unreliable because they
may overheat and fail! The Mobi WeldT pulls 90 amps from an alternator that
was engineered to produce 90 amps, then kicks the power box using
solid-state technology to produce welding power, like 110 current and, most
importantly, reliable battery charging during day to day driving. A reliable
alternator is key!"

anyone have any opinions on this?
it also looks like its time (next pay check :)) to buy a new oil cooler and
lines. stebro, fluidyne, junkyard special?
im obviously going to do the lines as well. should i use aeroquip? any other

thanks in advance everyone
90tq (hopefully alive again soon)

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