200TQ grinding noise?

Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Dec 5 07:44:56 EST 2002

Paul -

Yes, I would start to say throw-out bearing too, but my experience of
that was quite different. The change occurred at the moment I pushed the
clutch in. Some significant noise (can't remember now) announced the
event. After that, there was a loose, jangling change-sort of noise
constantly. The clutch would no longer fully disengage unless the car
was well warmed up.

If you can risk having the clutch lock up (engaged), I for one wouldn't
replace the clutch just yet. Wish I could be more help.

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 195k

P. Stegawski wrote:
> I decided to throw this question at the list, before I tear my car apart.
> I checked the archives and found a couple things but none really answered
> my question. So here it is...
> The patient here is my 90 200 TQ with 150K. As far as I know the clutch is
> original. Driving it home one evening, I went on a 270 degree turn
> (freeway onramp), after which the cluch pedal seems to vibrate when it is
> depressed. When the car is sitting still and out of gear there is a
> relatively faint "grinding" noise coming from the bellhousing area. When
> the clutch pedal is pressed, even a little bit, there is a strong
> vibration on it(high amplitude, low frequency), that causes the whole car
> to shake. Grinding noise gets worse.
> Throw out bearing is the usuall suspect, but why would this start
> after a turn, when I wasn't even pressing in the clutch. Could this
> be another bearing that went out due to oil starvation when I was coming
> around the turn? I plan on doing the rear main seal, clutch, and TOB when
> everything is appart. I saw in the archives that I should also replace the
> pilot bearing, but I'm not sure what that is. The rear main seal is
> already leaking, but the clutch seemed fine to me before this happend all
> of a sudden.
> Any and all help is appreciated,
> Thanks,
> Peter
> 90 200 TQ
> 91 Passat(for the time being)

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