Galley plugs in 10vt head... MC oil pressure saga

EBavely veetesse at
Thu Dec 5 11:06:56 EST 2002

Hello all...

I was wondering if someone could confirm some things about the 86 10V MC-1
turbo head.  I notice from looking at Et_ka and the head itself that there
are a number of covers / plugs (not sparkplugs)  in the head resulting from
machining and such.

To my knowledge there is:
1.  A plug in the front of the head to the right and down from the cam seal
(from machining.. #12 in Et_ka drawing)

2.  One brass squirter in the unused cam saddle casting (although 4kq / UrQ
Bentley shows two squirters...)

3.  A threaded plug in the back of the head that could be (was?) used for an
oil pressure sender (10mm x 1.0?)  Shown as  #13 in Et_ka?

4.  Another plug in the back of the head from initial machining (not sure)

5. A plug in the spark plug side of the head near the back (shown as #26 in
Et_ka drawing)

Can anyone confirm the location / existence of all of these?  Have I missed
anything?   I'm still trying to track down possible sources for oil pressure
bleed off.  I'm trying to figure out which plugs would play a role in the
oiling system of the engine besides the cam oil squirter.  I believe most of
these open to the outside of the head, so leaks would be very obvious.

For the record... the heavier weight oil, new German turbo oil filter and
reseating the piston oil squirters did not have any effect on the problem...

The saga continues...Thanks in advance...

Elliott Bavely

86 4ktq
83 CGT
81 Coupe ITB
88 80 Fwd
83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet

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