Left Foot Braking and drive by wire

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Thu Dec 5 11:10:52 EST 2002

The problem with this scenario is that the new drive by wire quattros can't
be left foot braked with throttle applied.  I rode in a TT driven by a really
good driver.  When that 3seconds was up, the car changed direction.  The
driver got comfortable with the expectation, I gots to say, riding in the
pass seat, I never did.



Rocket Science writes:
Three words: left foot braking.Pushing the front? Add some left foot brake
and modulate the throttle,initially less to transfer your weight forward,
then more to help the cardrift around the corner. That's a simplistic
explanation, it takes practice.On a stock Audi it takes more brake than you
might imagine. Find a bigparking lot and practice.Oh yeah, then practice some
more :-)This is really the only alternative to simply lifting off the
throttle andhoping she comes around.Scott T.98.5 A41.8Tqm

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