cis-e computer specs?

Chris Cappuccio chris at
Thu Dec 5 13:25:23 EST 2002

Hey folks,

Does anyone know how to get the specs for the various audi computers ?
I had a 443 906 264 E (the california version of the 443 906 264 C) which
was fried in my 88 80q, and now I have a 443 906 264 D, from an 89 90q
in the same 80q.

I suspect the 443 906 264 D is a newer version of the C, is it going to
have slightly different programming or perhaps it expects different sensor
readings?  Or is the pinout changed??? Where would I find this out....

The bentley says not to use a non-california computer in place of
a california one.... So i'm rather interested in the specs for all three!


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