Putting New windows in Drivers Side of 87 4kq

Cade Carvell ccarvell at nbsusa.com
Thu Dec 5 19:38:12 EST 2002

Thanks to Huw and Kenny,
  I have the window in.  Since mine was destroyed in the break in, I
only had half the job to do.  Anyway,  the Digital camera is on my Xmas
list, so I don't have any good picks.  But this one is really straight
forward.  Some suggestions:
  1)  Pull the inside piece of weather stripping off, the window
opening on the inside.  This gives you an extra 1/2" of play room, plus
is stops you from having to deal with snag problems on the install part
of the window.

  2)  You put the window in from interior side - Out.  IE you start the
window on the inside of the door.  This makes the whole process about 10
minutes to pop the window in and bolt down.

  3)  If you leave the bolt down guide/track part up about the middle
of the opening in the lower door panel, it makes alignment and screwing
down of the window a breeze.  I was able to install this window in under
1/2 hour...Door panel off to alignment to door panel on.  When you line
up you can hold the top part of the window, while using your other hand
to start the screws.

  4)  Find some steel gloves if you have to get the glass out of the
inside of the door, if your previous window is broken.  Cut my hands up
a bit...No to bad till you get to the shards at the bottom of the door.
Wife wouldn't let me use the Kirby for this one...I can't figure out

  5)  Now is a good time to make sure your drain holes aren't plugged.
Also, if your sound deadening/undercoating in the door is bad,
peel/scrap off with the window out...Then reapply.  So much easier to do
now then later when the window is in.

Thanks everyone for your help on this matter.  The Audi is back on the
road again, and boy it is fun to play with in the snow....;-)

Thanks -
  87 4KQ...67,000 Miles.

Cade Carvell
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>>> <KMracer007 at aol.com> 12/05/02 07:00PM >>>
well, I would say do it the opposite of the way you took it out :).
Actually, I just took the window out of my 4kq (window regulator broke)
if you have gotten the door panel, and little black trim thing on the
top of where the door panel was then you should be halfway there. Next
step is to roll down the window about half way (I am assuming you still
have a window in your car) There are two 10mm bolts on the metal piece
attached to the glass. Take those off but make sure to have someone
holding the window as it will fall into the door pretty quick. Next I
would roll the window down the rest of the way, without the glass
attached to the regualtor. At this point you should be able to lift the
glass up and tilt it twards the "inside" of the car (if the door was
closed) and pull it up past the seals. you may have to change the tilt
on the window to get it all the way out. Install should go opposite the
last instructions. The window regulator has a little "pivot" it seem to
line the window up when it is all the way up. Make sure to, once you get
the window in and rolling up and down, to go for a testdrive and listen
for wind noise, clunking or anything else that would be wierd in the
door. I am by no means an expert at this but this is how I did it a few
weeks ago. Hopefully this will help you out. later!

85 4kq
90 V8q

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