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Cade Carvell ccarvell at
Thu Dec 5 19:44:28 EST 2002

Hi all,
  In my 87 4KQ, the shifting is starting to get more difficult.  For
instance now that it is cold, it seems as if when I depress the clutch
pedal, the clutch doesn't fully disengage.  For instance: If I go into
reverse, then push the clutch in, wait for a few seconds, then remove
the car from gear, there is a noticeable difference.  When the clutch is
in and the car out of gear, it seems as if the car is more free to roll,
then with the clutch in and the car in gear.  Now this isn't so bad that
if I sit on a perfectly flat road, clutch pedal down, and in gear, that
It moves.  But it is starting to Grind in the One - Two shift, and the
two-three shift is a bit hard to get into gear.
  When I shift, I can feel the detents in the trans.  For instance in a
One - Two shift, I can feel what seems to be 3-4 little thumps in the
gearshift lever.

  Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this.  I would think
that if I could make the clutch pedal in the all the way down position,
push just a little further, this problem would go away.  I should note
that the previous owner rebuild the slave, and something else related to
the transmission, but not the tranny.

Any thoughts?

Cade Carvell
National Business Systems, Inc.
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Eagan, MN 55121
Office: 651-994-4400

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