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jesse erickson clerick44 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 5 23:59:28 EST 2002

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First off, please forgive the barage of questions, but i cant help it.  This list is like a candy store, but with experience instead of candy.

i have an '86 4KQ that i got from an employee and have been tinkering for a while now.  (I needed an excuse to spend all my time in the garage.)

First, there is a *klunk* that i get in the rear that comes on down shifts and hard accelerating upshifts, i was wondering if this would be motor/tranny mounts or are there any mounts on the rear end?

Second, does anyone know of an adjustable cam sprocket?  i would like to dial the valve timing in, if advisable.

lastly, has anyone had any dealings with Blausport?  good or bad?

Thank you all
Jesse Erickson

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