misc. Q q's from a newbie...

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Fri Dec 6 01:18:42 EST 2002

> i have an '86 4KQ

> First, there is a *klunk* that i get in the rear that comes on down shifts and hard accelerating upshifts, i was wondering if this would be motor/tranny mounts or are there any mounts on the rear end?

There are a lot of bits of rubber back there... in no particular order,
you can look at the (4) control arm bushings, (4) subframe mounts, (3)
rear diff mounts, and (2) strut bearings for obvious signs of play.  Oh
yes, and the rear tie rods...

The front has most of them, too...

> lastly, has anyone had any dealings with Blausport?  good or bad?

they seem to be mixed around the middle - no raves, no slams... you
could *try* searching the archives for various spellings of
blaufernugen, and see what pops up.

and, welcome...

Huw Powell



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