new intercooler?

Patrick Martin mardkins at
Thu Dec 5 23:46:11 EST 2002

I finally put in a 944 intercooler in my car after running it for 5 years
without any intercooler.  I put it in front of the radiator running
vertically with a tube crossing behind the top grill accross to the intake
manifold and a lower hose running just behind the lower bumper cover.  Even
without proper ducting the temperatures look great.  I have yet to get it 10
deg. over ambient even with some full out runs trying to get it to heat up.

Intercoolers in the smaller cars are a very tricky business.  They tend to
be extremely difficult to plumb and

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hello everyone... i hope all of you americans had a good thanksgiving
(nothing like celebrating the ruthless decimation of the native american
peoples.. maybe smallpox infested blankets could cure the middle east
crisses as well :) (sarcasm if you didnt notice))... which makes me think of
columbus day... wow americans like to celebrate their incurred wrath...
ANYWAYS... i better get off of the subject quickly and to my real reason for
im going to have a bit of extra cash soon and was thinking about buying
myself a new intercooler for xmas. mine barely fits anyways... (90tq running
stock 84 5000 intercooler)
ive heard many opinions, read 0 real reviews and after doing tons of
research am even more confused than when i began.
my choices: spearco core welded into a custom intercooler (ala javad and
forge motorsports intercooler which im thinking will be really expensive
(ala the sprongls
i could get a hks or greddy intercooler, heard APEXi is good too.. or a 944
intercooler is even an option
i dont think i can afford a rs2 intercooler...
my budget will be around $500 canadian which is my big limiting factor...
hopefully you listers can straighten me out and tell me what i want :)
its a hard decision to make...
what style cools best?
any good sites to read?

thanks in advance everyone...

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