new intercooler?

Patrick Martin mardkins at
Thu Dec 5 23:53:36 EST 2002

I finally after 5 years put a 944 intercooler on my car and the results have
been fantastic. Temperatures have never exceeded 10 degrees above ambient
even after repeated high speed blasts.  Granted it has not hit the track yet
but I have been trying to get it to misbehave and so far it has been great.
The nice thing about a 944 intercooler is that it is perfect for in front of
the radiator vertically.  I have mine there with the upper pipe behind the
grill and the lower pipe just behind the lower bumper cover.  Very stealth.

The small cars tend to be very difficult to get an intercooler in and get
decent plumbing/airflow.  I though about behind the upper grill but due to
the lack of depth there is not enough room to get a decent size  intercooler
in there and there were just too many comprimises in other locations.  The
length of pipe runs probably adds a bit of lag but once you are out of 1st
gear you hardly notice lag at all.

The best thing about the 944 intercooler is you can pick them up pretty
cheap.  I got mine for $200 us from a yard.

For reading material try Corky Bells book which has alot of information
regarding intercoolers and the like.  Unfortunately space tends to be the
biggest restriction on getting a decent intercooler in the car so ideals are
not ussually met.

Pat Martin
86 4kcsq turbo, 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge, MC and loving it.  Drilled and
stopping it. Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates turning it,  K&N and
98 A6q Avant
87 5kt stick, improved beater

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hello everyone... i hope all of you americans had a good thanksgiving
(nothing like celebrating the ruthless decimation of the native american
peoples.. maybe smallpox infested blankets could cure the middle east
crisses as well :) (sarcasm if you didnt notice))... which makes me think of
columbus day... wow americans like to celebrate their incurred wrath...
ANYWAYS... i better get off of the subject quickly and to my real reason for
im going to have a bit of extra cash soon and was thinking about buying
myself a new intercooler for xmas. mine barely fits anyways... (90tq running
stock 84 5000 intercooler)
ive heard many opinions, read 0 real reviews and after doing tons of
research am even more confused than when i began.
my choices: spearco core welded into a custom intercooler (ala javad and
forge motorsports intercooler which im thinking will be really expensive
(ala the sprongls
i could get a hks or greddy intercooler, heard APEXi is good too.. or a 944
intercooler is even an option
i dont think i can afford a rs2 intercooler...
my budget will be around $500 canadian which is my big limiting factor...
hopefully you listers can straighten me out and tell me what i want :)
its a hard decision to make...
what style cools best?
any good sites to read?

thanks in advance everyone...

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